Meet Loopa, a Brand New Magnifying Workstation

Loopa is a newly developed ergonomic workstation based on a HD camera and monitor. Loopa is designed to replace the traditional magnifying lamps that exist on almost every work table. It provides a clear, sharp HD quality image allowing an easy, stressfree working enviroment.

Upgrade Your
Working Abilities


The HD monitor is located near the work area producing intuitive, efficient, easy adoption. It also reduces eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional products.

The camera is mounted 40cm above the work area, leaving free space to work without interference from the camera body.

A unique three way foot pedal allows zoom in/out and mode selection, facillitating a completly hands free operation.

Additional Features

High quality HD camera and monitor creating a clear image

Measuring capabilities (line, circle, square and triangle)

4 USB ports allow connection to external illumination, stick memory, laser pointer, UV illumination (for conformal coating inspection), bar code reader etc...

Ethernet port allows connecting Loopa to the company network 

Convert picture opacity allowing comparison of overlay image 

Auto calibration

Moderate price

Modern colorful appearance



Technical Specifications

Image resolution

Full HD – 1920x1080p 

Optical x30 , Digital x12

Zoom range

Software Adjustable

LED illumination

Full HD – 1920x1080p 



Full HD – 1920x1080p 

470mm [zoomx1.0] 20mm [zoomx30]

View area

Object Height Range

Full HD – 1920x1080p 


10.1’’ Full HD

Measurement types

Distance, circle, rectangle, tringle 


4xUSB, RJ45 Ethernet port, HDMI


View images from the device over the local network


Full HD – 1920x1080p 



Size on desk

293x180x550mm (Cam height 445mm)

Contact Us

Electron Csillag Ltd. 


972 363 25472 


12 Shabazi St. Yehud 5623025, Israel